:: First True Picture of the Revolution !
May 17, 2005   1:09pm

Put your fakes away, here is the first real picture of the Nintendo Revolution. It's hard to judge from a small single screenshot, but one thing is sure: it's definitely different from any past Nintendo design. Reggie was right to say that "it's the most industrial design we've ever made !"

But is it a good thing or not ? In term of image, yes, it is definitely the right choice and it might pay back in the future. In term of Nintendo's feel and heritage, this design is plain though; it's more in the like of the VCR-design of the PS2 and Xbox. The chosen colors are actually quite close to the PS2, black and blue, and the shape and size just makes it look like a CD-Rom for PC.

However, it's too early to say more. We need bigger pictures, from different angles, and a look at what come with the console(the "magic" controllers ?) to know exactly the outcome of this design shift. And after all, even though now we know how it looks, we still don't know what the Revolution is about.