:: New Revolution Details !
May 17, 2005   12:55pm

IGN got a few new details about Nintendo's Revolution look and capabilities. According to their source:

• "the Revolution will be two or three times more powerful than the GameCube."

• the design is "slick, black and sports a front blue light."

• WiFi connection will allow gamers to connect to a free online service allowing them to download classics ranging from Donkey Kong to Super Mario Sunshine !

This last one really has to be confirmed because theorically it would allow people to have access to the library of all past Nintendo games, on every console.

IGN also underlines that "by contrast, the PS3 is said to be 35 times more powerful than the PS2 and the Xbox 13-15 times more powerful than the Xbox." Well, big deal, we knew Nintendo wouldn't overdone the technical specs of their console. Besides, "two or three times" sounds more realistic than the big numbers gave by Microsoft and Sony who just seem to be competing for who has the biggest... hmm.

Also, this is reminding of the current generation, before they release, Nintendo was supposed to have the weakest system, much less polygons than the others, and the truth was that only the GameCube had realistic specs (polygons count included different mapping effects opposed to raw polygon count) and was definitely match the other two, as Resident Evil 4 proved once and for all.