:: Nintendo's Conference !
May 17, 2005   7:18pm

Check this topic for updates on the conference.

>> The conference is about to start.

>> In about 2 minutes.

>> Not started yet...

>> The conference is started !

>> Iwata spoke, followed by Reggie, video of upcoming games, mostly DS.

>> Reggie has a lengthy speech

>> About online gaming on DS

>> Demonstrating Nintendogs.

>> Shigeru Miyamoto came and is talking with the girl who is showing Nintendogs. All this is a bit boring so far...

>> Introduce the Game Boy Micro.

>> Smas Bros. online on Revolution for launch !

>> Miyamoto is working on Revolution, new episodes of Zelda, Mario, Metroid on Revolution (damn, so unoriginal !)

>> Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles online on GC (who cares, it's so lame anyway)

>> Harrison presents some already known GC games such as Pokemon XD, Batallions Wars, Mario Baseball and Soccer...

>> New Zelda trailer... Link does turn into a wolf

>> Aonuma and Reggie came, the Zelda trailer is available on DS cartridge. Reggie leaves.

>> Conference is finished... well, well, talk about a disappointment.