:: The Revolution Logo
May 19, 2005   2:43am

If the logo hasn't been officialy unveiled, we still had a chance to see it on the console itself. The revelation brushes off some logos which were seen just before the E3, and were probably nothing but fakes. This new logo, which is perhaps not the final one, uses two diskes of different size to picture the "O" in Revolution. A small disk like for the GameCube presumably, and a normal size disk like the ones to be used in the Revolution. The problem is, as some people suggested, that it would hint one more time (see the subject Revolution: haha ! in our forum) that the big secret behind the Revolution has mostly something to do with its backwards compatibility and the "virtual console" concept, commonly called "emulation" among normal people.

- "Stop the blabbering and send the picture, baby !"
- Ok, here it is: