:: More Microphone Games !
May 19, 2005   2:59am

Mario Party 6 has been for way too long the only game to use the GameCube's microphone but now things are about to change. Nintendo unveiled that a few more upcoming GameCube games will make use of this interesting peripheral. Here is the short list, summed up for you by Samurai Nintendo:

- Mario Party 7: Hardly surprising, the next instalment of Mario Party will use the microphone again. Official statement: "with the new Mic Grand Prix mode, there will be plenty of voice-over madness for everyone."

- Odama: This one comes as a big surprise and a real gameplay twist, not only will you be able to control the pinball but you will have to move your army, by the sound of your voice, to take control of the enemy camp. Sounds exciting. Official statement: " With the Nintendo GameCube Mic, players command men to charge the enemy, defend positions, seize the enemy gates and much more."

- Chibi-Robo ? The little robot guy is said to use the microphone too, but this could be a mistake from Nintendo, there's already a mistake related to the name of the developer. If it happens to be true though, it would be even more surprising than Odama and we can't wait to know which use the makers have thought to make of the mic.

- Battalion Wars: It had been reported last year that the game could be controlled with the microphone, pretty much for the same use as it is in Odama, but maybe it was only a confusion among the two titles since Nintendo is not telling that Battalion Wars will use the microphone in any way.