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May 19, 2005   12:51am

There's Mario and Revolution in the title but unfortunately it's not Nintendo unveiling a new Mario game for Revolution. On the contrary, it is what could be the last Mario game to appear on GameCube and probably not the best kind of farewell.

The GameCube must have been the Nintendo console with the most Mario titles (not counting obscure Famicom games), 4 Mario Party, 4 Mario Sport games, 1 Mario Kart, Super Mario Sunshine and yet, none of them really... shined ! This has been perhaps the poorest performance of Mario on a Nintendo console and this DDR Mario Mix is not going to help.

Seeing Mario dancing is just as ridiculous as seeing people dancing on the carpet of DDR, perhaps this game is still fun, but it will be probably short-lived like Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Was it necessary anyway to make another Mario byproduct which, similarly to Donkey Konga and the Mario sport games, has little to offer ? Why not developing some more creative and ambitious tiles (action or adventure oriented), especially when the last collaboration with Konami for The Twin Snakes has turned out to be such a failure in the charts ?

Please, fans of the games and future ex-readers, ignore my silly talk and just enjoy the screenshots:

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