:: Screenshots of Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
May 19, 2005   12:29am

And yet another Pokemon on GameCube. But this one swears to be different: 100% RPG, like we all wanted. Except it's hard to believe Nintendo will reach the quality standards of RPG with this one either. Many have been disappointed by Pokemon Colosseum, not only because it was not a full scale RPG but because it was a relatively mediocre game.

The same developer is behind Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness again, Genius Sonority. We believe they are a talented team, there are some famous names among them, but perhaps things are not done right to bring Pokemon RPG to life from Game Boy to GameCube. The project would need to be ambitious and consequently sufficient amount of money, staff and time should be used.

But Nintendo seems to prefer the easy and quiet way. Pokemon XD hasn't been developed for long and is already set to release this October. Graphics look very much like the ones of Pokemon Colosseum and perhaps even less good. Could it be that the GameCube will not enjoy a single good Pokemon game during its lifetime ?

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