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Hype Ranking Forum Special
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Casino DS Games
April 10, 2009
Perhaps the ultimate proof Samurai Nintendo isn't dead yet is that we still get third-party links. This time I learnt a few things about casino games on Nintendo consoles. I did not even know they still make video games about casino and that a few exist on the DS and even one on the Wii.

First, there's SEGA Casino and Golden Nugget Casino DS, both DS titles released three years ago so nothing recent here. They didn't get good reviews though nothing as bad as the more recent Vegas Casino (also known as High 5!). World Championship Poker DS (for Deluxe Series) is another gambling game and critically the most well-received of them all. Intergalactic Casino went completely unnoticed as did SuperLite 2500 Tokyo Odaiba Casino by Success and Road to Vegas.

On the Wii, there's only one game of that kind, V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack by High Voltage Software, available through WiiWare.

From 1UP with Love
April 10, 2009
This is a little widget I came up with for my other site about retrogaming. It shows random pictures of old games with a link to a review on 1UP, you can add one to your website too.

As for Samurai Nintendo, I'm still not sure what's going to happen. My plans keep changing but the site is guaranteed to be up for another year, and possibly more. The one thing I should really do though is to update the comments, there are many, many new ones to be added. Let's hope I can work on it this Spring.

Also, our chat which was hosted on Google Lively is no more because... Google Lively is no more ! I don't know where all that bad luck with chatrooms and forums come from. Anyway, this puts an end to any SN chat for now. Use the temporary forum if you need to ask something, and don't be daunted by all the messages in French, officially this is a bilingual discussion place.

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