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Box scan: front cover artwork

Fury in the desert...

Destruction in the city...

Targeting in the multiplayer...

Duel in the arena...

And elephants in the base !

The Shield Liger-DCS-J

Tight fight within the electric ring

Big contestants in the 2 players' matches

Graphics have been improved

Something big is happening here !

The Desert Liger is escaping

Zoids VS. II
- Zoids Battle Legends (USA)

Developed by Tomy
Published by Tomy / Atari

Genre: Action (robot battles)
Players: 1 to 2
Memory Card: 10 blocks
Extra: Special edition with Desert Liger (Japan only)

Connection: none

Release Dates:

September 05, 2003
September 24, 2004

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A special edition of Zoids VS II will be available at the same time for 8.800 yens, you'll get Zoids VS II bundled with a Zoid toy, the "desert liger", a robot tiger equipped for desert combat with anti-sand filter and heat resistance. Nice idea, isn't it ? And the first persons to reserve the game in Japan will also receive another Zoids toy, The Hellcat Noir.

The Battle Mode has been improved with addition of larger characters such as Deathsaurus and Deathstinger, and later in the game you can control Ultrasaurus and Mad Thunder. There are around 50 characters and according to the character you choose, opponents are different. A new battle mode type, Fist Mode, is also introduced taking place in a ring in 1-to-1 matches. You have to kick your opponent out of the ring to win. It seems though a partner outside the ring can help you. Sounds a bit like wrestling, doesn't it ?

A fair amount of new Zoids and 5 characters have been added, including from BLOX and Zoids Saga, here's the list of the new Zoids. All of them can be customized (more than a hundred variations):

- Matrix Dragon
- Chimera Dragon
- Double Arm Lizard
- Griffon
- Lord Gayle
- Elephander
- Sinker
- Gustav
- Seal Liger
- Liger Aero
- Proto Saber
- Trinity Liger
- Geno Hydra

Like in the first game, there's a Mission Mode where you play as the Empire or the Republic. Here some details about the first three missions:
- Guard Mission (Republic). You have to protect a hovering cargo from the enemy fire until it reaches its destination.
- Sniping Mission (Republic). You have to shoot some enemies from the distance with a sniper rifle.
- Destruction Mission (Empire). A radar must be destroyed with the Proto Saber.

It features also a VS Mode where you can fight against another Zoid controlled by a player or the computer in a vast area. It's been improved over the first Zoids VS (you couldn't customize the Zoid of the computer nor use big Zoids back then). Tomy has another surprise for the fans. If you use with Zoids VS II the memory card with the data from the first game, you'll receive a new character the Shield Tiger-DCS-J.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the very big list, with all the Zoids you'll find in Zoids VS II, on GameCube only:

- Sinker
- Space Sinker
- Cannon Toirtoise
- Cannon Toirtoise BC
- Cannon Toirtoise old type
- Buster Toirtoise
- Molga
- Canari Molga
- Hellcat
- Hellcat Noir
- Command Wolf
- Command Wolf NEW
- Command Wolf AC
- Command Wolf AU
- Command Wolf EM
- Command Wolf IRVINE
- Rep Raptor
- Rep Raptor PB
- Rep Raptor WPB
- Raven Raptor
- Gun Sniper
- Gun Sniper WW
- Gun Sniper NAOMI
- Gun Sniper LS
- Sniper Master
- Sniper Master RED
- Sniper Master FB
- Sniper Master AS
- Sniper Master MU
- Sniper Master BU
- Saber Tiger
- Saber Tooth Tiger
- Saber tiger AT
- Great Saber Tooth tiger
- Saber Tiger SS
- Saber Tiger TS
- Saber Tiger RT
- Saber Tiger RV
- Saber Tiger TD
- Shield Liger
- Desert Liger
- Shield Liger LM A
- Shield Liger LM B
- Liger Aero
- Proto Saber
- Red Horn
- Red Horn old type
- Red Horn BG
- Green Horn
- Dark Horn
- Dark Horn WB
- Dark Horn HARRY
- D Bison
- D Bison old type
- D Bison LS
- Shadow Fox
- Shadow Fox S
- Lightning Sykes
- Lightning Sykes BS
- Lightning Sykes TS
- Blade Liger
- Blade Liger KS
- Blade Liger AB
- Blade Liger LEON
- Blade Liger MJ
- Elephander
- Elephander AG
- Elephander SS
- Iron Kong
- Iron Kong old type
- Iron Kong Mk II mass production
- Iron Kong Yeti
- Iron Kong SS
- Iron Kong PK
- Iron Kong PKMk II limited emition
- Iron Kong PK MARY
- Gojulas
- Gojulas Mk II mass production
- Gojulas Mariner
- Gojulas IRVINE
- Gojulas The Ogre
- Gojulas The Ogre Mk II limited edition
- Gojulas Giga
- Genosaurus
- Genosaurus R
- Genosaurus RT
- Cyc Genosaurus
- Geno Breaker
- Geno Breaker Jet
- Geno Breaker R
- Liger Zero
- Liger Zero EM
- Liger Zero S
- Liger Zero Jager
- Liger Zero Schneider
- Liger Zero Panzer
- Liger Zero X
- Berserk Fury
- BF Sturm
- Sturm Tyran
- Konig Wolf
- Dark Spiner
- Dark Spiner KD
- Geno Hydra
- Trinity Liger
- Diablo Tiger Alpha
- Diablo Tiger Beta
- Cyclops 1
- Cyclops 2
- Gryphon
- Chimera Dragon
- Double Arm Lizard
- Lord Gayle
- Matrix Dragon
- Salamander
- Death Stinger
- Seismosaurus
- Mad thunder
- Deathsaurus
- Ultrasaurus
- Gustav

-- sanjuro

R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"Take on the role of your favorite character. Create and customize gargantuan ZOIDS. Carry out dangerous missions. Unleash devastating firepower and destroy enemy forces. Welcome to the world of ZOIDS!"
Story from Atari site

"- Mission Mode: Fight for the Empire or the Republic in the ongoing story for control of the planet Zi
- ZOIDS Battle Mode: Climb into your ZOID and wage war
- VS. Mode: Go head-to-head in awesome two player ZOIDS combat
- ZOIDS Fists Mode: Inflict damage by using advanced fighting methods in a confined arena setting"
Features from Atari site

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