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Box scan: front cover artwork

Come to eat in my hand, little bird

They just wanted an autograph

Testing the laws of gravity

Thank you, chair

Mum, what do I do with this now ?

"Look, my butt is so narrow that it can fit here"

Big men learning to fly

The Undertaker's playing with a "secrity" officier

Anaesthetic service on the way

This is not obscene but it's going to be painful

I'm out of the screen but soon I'll be in your face

Emergency landing, put the head between your knees

WWE Wrestlemania XIX
- レッスルマニアXIX (Japan)
- Wrestlemania X9 (alternative writing)

Developed by Yukes
Published by THQ

Genre: Wrestling
Players: 1 to 4
Memory Card: 20 blocks

Connection: none

Release Dates:

November 07, 2003
September 11, 2003
September 16, 2003

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is not suitable for children

Official story and features:

"The legacy continues with WrestleMania XIX only for the Nintendo GameCube. All-new gamplay mechanics deliver a true in-ring grappling experience with deeper move sets and a more strategic reversal system. Choose among an updated list of top WWE Superstars each with realistic abilities including strength, speed and stamina. Become a legend and defy Vince as you battle your way through five stages and over 25 missions in an effort to destroy his Empire. Team up with Stephanie McMahon along the way as you enact ‘Sweet Revenge’ in your journey to win back your status in the WWE."
Story from THQ site

"- More Than Forty WWE Superstars: The 2003 roster features a complete list of the top Superstars including Rey Mysterio, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan and the Rock
- All New Story Mode: Players must restore their favourite WWE Superstar's status through five different environments in 30 unique missions complete with scripted cut-scenes
- Graphics and Realism: Completely new Superstar models and art direction resulting in more physically detailed Superstars with blood!
- Enhanced Grappling Based Engine: Featuring strong and weak grapples as well as offensive moves from various positions and grapples with extensive counters and reversals
- Location Specific Damage: Players can wear down their opponents by taking advantage of each Superstar's unique abilities and attributes
- New Game Modes: Wrestlemania XIX features several new game modes including, "Sweet Revenge, Challenge, ShopZone and a brand new tutorial mode
- Create-A-Superstar: Choose between a variety of settings including appearances, costumes and moves
- Presentation: Improved sound, camera angles, technology and special effects better replicating the attitude and style of the WWE brand"
Features from THQ site

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This game is awesome, but unfortunately the storyline is crap!
-- From chris cornett
When I first saw the game on TV I knew that it would be the best wrestling game ever. I love playing with Brock Lesnar Shawn Michaels Rey Mysterio and so on. The only dislikes I have for this game is that the commentators don't talk but for the rest it's all good.
-- From an anonymous player
This game has not come out yet but i want WMX9 so bad my head is going to explode the only dislike I have is that my favorite wrestler Ray Mysterio looks too black but everything else is so cool. This was Alexander Ortiz. Let me holler at you player !
-- From Alexander Ortiz
This game is cooler than all of the other wrestling games because it has better graphics, and you could wrestle with the heart break kid Shawn Michaels, and you could wrestle with the next big thing Brock Lesnar, and you could wrestle with the highlight reel Rey Mysterio. This game have better moves than all of the other wrestling games because you could do the angle slam off the third rope. When this game come out I'm going to get it.
-- From Jordan Duncan
This game definitely looks better than WMX8. Its features look promising and the graphics are much better. The only thing I dislike about this game is that you can only play with up to four players, which sucks because Smackdown Shut Your Mouth you could play up to six or eight. But I'm definitely buying this game, in fact I already reserved it.
-- From Speedy Gonzales
AWESOME this game looks so cool. I have been a big wrestling fan all my life and I would love to play as the heart break kid Shawn Micheals and the devastating Brock Lesnar who brings the pain in the ring and in the games. For that impatience level, I would change it to 10/10 because i want it so bad my name is Alex Mayer and I assure all of you, when wrestlemaniaXIX comes out, im there.
-- From Alex Mayer