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Box scan: front cover artwork

A raptor indianovore

Close the door or I kill you

"Ya lil' bastar', just wait tha' I catch ya !"

A new definition of FPS: First Pathetic Shooter

Turok Evolution

Developed by Acclaim
Published by Acclaim

Genre: First person shooter
Players: 1 to 4
Memory Card: 2 blocks (1 for saving the options menu)

Connection: none

Release Dates:

September 03, 2002
September 27, 2002

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originality:  6.0 

Review / Test:

I AM Turok !!! ... and I AM back in a disappointing game ! If YOU like good First Person Shooter, you SHOULD buy Metroid Prime or Time Splitters 2, and not MY game. Why ? Because I AM going to tell you !

I used to be FAMOUS, yes, FAMOUS, on the Nintendo 64 console. I was a good FPS, second best after Rare's PERFECT Dark and Goldeneye. I had plenty of games. I had FOUR games !! That's plenty !! Everybody liked my games, just EVERYBODY !! They were tough, packed with dinosaurs, destructive weapons and COOL deaths. So, when I said: "Ok, I AM coming on Nintendo GameCube", everybody said: "Kewl !! That's SO kewl !!" But I haven't been a good boy, I've been a pretty nasty, BAD, BAD boy: my game is NOT so good. First, it's pretty ugly, the graphics are REALLY not smooth, the colors are dull, and everythin's just so SQUARE. Look, the backgrounds are plain and the enemies look BAAAD. I'm Turok and I'm SO sad: Seeds of Evil had such slick and neat graphics. The ONLY good thing about my new graphics is that you can see very far ! That's GREAT ! ...but not enough. People are crying when they see my bad-ass graphics and remember my beautiful SEEDS of EVIL. Yes, they do. It's really sad because animation DID NOT evolve either. It looks less impressive now, even when these BAD GUYS DIE.

Hmm ! Is there anything better ? I AM Turok, and I doubt. I didn't see ANYTHING that I like better. The musics are too messy, the sounds are common, the weapons are just ok, the deaths are grotesque. GRUMBLE !! And there are these stupid flying scenes, what the HELL is this ?? I'm a First Indian Shooter, not a flying dummy (and it's badly done). But don't shoot me yet. Because I AM Turok, and I say we're going to find something good about it before the end of this stupid review. Was it bad to play ? Was it boring to play ? No, there was some fun. Evolution is still FUN !! Thank you, I knew it. My game is bad in many ways but YOU WILL HAVE FUN !! It's a FPS, you have to shoot, you have to survive, there are tons of monsters and TOUGH fights. It's Survivor on Jurassic Park island. You will like it this way for sure ! And you can play with friends (no bots. sorry. out.), very fun !! If you have 3 friends... otherwise... DEADLY BORING... but that's a secret. Hey, I find something more ! It's very LONG ! There are MANY-MANY levels ! And there are some IMPRESSIVE scenes ! Big areas ! Big monsters !

So, now, you like my game or I SCALP your head !!
Boo boo. Sorry for threatening. Next one will be better. I SWEAR on my ancestors !!! (all dead, who cares, still... crossing fingers in my back)

-- sanjuro

R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is for adults only

Official story and features:

"November 10, 1886. Texas.

As the last surviving members of the Saquin Nation make a desperate attempt to escape to the relative safety of Mexico, they are unaware that they have played into the hands of the bloodthirsty Captain Tobias Bruckner. Under orders to bring in Chief Grey Bear, the warrior-brave Tal'Set, and the remaining Saquin without bloodshed, Captain Bruckner reneges and springs a deadly ambush. Bruckner is a man possessed. Called "Red Snake" by the Native tribes of the Southwest, he has hunted the Saquin for years.

The great Chief Grey Bear, one of the most brilliant and respected of the Native American Chiefs falls victim to a sniper's bullet, and Captain Bruckner orders the slaughter of the remaining Saquin people. As the bullets fly, Tal'Set and the remaining Saquin braves leap into battle, exacting a terrible toll on the Indian Hunters even as they are cut down one by one. Himself mortally wounded by Bruckner in the battle, Tal'Set cuts through the Cavalry troops and embraces Bruckner in a deadly melee. War club and Saber clash, and at the height of the battle, a cave-in sends Tal'Set and Bruckner tumbling into a mysterious underground cavern covered in ancient symbols and strange artifacts.

Tal'Set is dying. Bleeding to death from a bullet wound to the liver. Desperate to avenge the death of his people, Tal'Set once again locks in mortal combat with Bruckner. As his blood spills onto the ground, an otherworldly reaction is triggered, and the entire chamber becomes a storm of light and electricity. A shot goes wild and strikes a powder keg that has tumbled into the chasm. The blast brings the roof of the cavern down as Tal'Set is blown through a mysterious portal and into a world the likes of which he has never dreamed. The Lost Land.

Exhausted and dying, Tal'Set is brought back from the brink of death by the Mysterious Seer TarKeen. Tal'Set awakens with the memories of his dying people still fresh in his mind. Having been discovered by a group of refugee hunters, Tal'Set is taken to the fortress of the River People where the beautiful Mayana, under the watchful eye of the Great warrior Djunn and the "Wise Father", the leader of the River people, nurses him back to health. Once healed, Tal'Set embarks on a journey to discover the meaning of his presence in the Lost Land. Through a series of conversations and confrontations with TarKeen, Tal'Set learns that his presence in the Lost Land is not a coincidence, and that the death of his people was ordained so that he might embrace a higher purpose and become "Turok", the "Son of Stone", protector and savior. Confused, angry and alone, Tal'Set rejects TarKeen's story, refusing to accept what he has been told.

As he battles with his own demons, Tal'Set becomes a reluctant participant in the brutal War that is raging in the Lost Land. Motivated by his feelings of isolation, Tal'Set agrees to help the people of the Lost Land battle for their lives against the Evil Lord Tyrannus, leader of the reptilian hordes. Bent on a "Holy Mission" to purify the Lost Land through slaughter and misery.

What follows is an epic tale of victory, treachery, and betrayal as Tal'Set struggles to accept his place in this strange world."
Story from Acclaim site

"- Ground-breaking Squad Dynamics System (S.D.S.) creates incredibly realistic enemy and allied squad AI. Enemies you encounter will react to your movements and skill. They will back off if outmatched, camp behind objects, strafe and roll to avoid fire, even run away at times. Some units will actually surrender to your mercy. You'll also get to work as part of a team, as your squad rushes enemy forces, or provides cover fire for you.
- Entirely new game engine built to take full advantage of the next-generation hardware platforms.
- Scripted event sequences that bring the world to life with stunning detail.
- 32 different types of prehistoric and indigenous life with frightening realism.
- All-new weapons including Variable Payload Cruise Missiles, Gravity Disrupter Beams, and the Swarm Bore each with unique traits and damage. Watch an unlucky foe as Sworm Bores sever each limb. Infect an enemy with a poison dart, and see what he had for lunch. Use the remote controlled Spider Mine to see around corners and set it to explode or release gas. Zoom in using the new sniper rifle or Tek-Bow to get the head shot!
- Advanced FPS artificial intelligence.
- Destructible objects and environments: Shoot down trees onto enemies and collapse massive rock spires onto dinosaurs.
- Flight sequences enable players to soar through the skies on a winged Quetzalcoatlus. Armed with a heavy twin canon and a rocket launcher, Turok will do battle with Missile launching dinosaurs, land, sea, and air forces with full freedom of movement.
- Stealth and action based gameplay directed by context-sensitive, mission-based sequences.
- Fantastic multiplayer fun developed by a dedicated team of designers, programmers and artists.
- Lush, living jungle environments: Plants move as dinosaurs brush against them and trees sway in the wind. Lush waterfalls accent rivers and streams. Monkeys and Compies scour along the ground. Exotic birds nest in branches or take flight to the skies. Kill them all if you want to, but be prepared to deal with the consequences..."
Features from Acclaim site

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