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Box scan: front cover artwork

Heroes refuse to waste time with sunny beaches

Eager to fight

Interviewing farmers for a school report

Beating up the wild life

Can you feel her blushing ?

He really hates church

End of the attack

I'm so cool, I even have a little heart in my speech

Thank you, but this is the first time I see you

He's got some business in town

Thinking deep on a snowy night

Sword fights and incantations

"Guys, I don't wear any pants !"

Telling jokes while silly little girl with pink hair is staring at the camera

Silly little girl with pink hair is actually a fearless brute

500 bucks for a night in my palace

A pervert monster

Something fishy is going on

They just came back from the hairdresser (what a crook !)

This evil turtle is not from Pokemon

Tales of Symphonia
- テイルズ オブ シンフォニア (Japan)

Developed by Namco
Published by Namco

Genre: RPG
Players: 1 to 4 (during fights only)
Memory Card: 3 blocks

Connection: none

Release Dates:

August 29, 2004
July 13, 2004
November 19, 2004

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Review / Test:

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"In a dying world called Sylvarant, legend has foretold that one day a Chosen One will appear from amongst the people and the land will be reborn. As Lloyd Irving, joined by his close friends Genis Sage and Collet Brunel, venture forth upon a quest to return your world to health. Enter an exquisite landscape of beautiful cel-shaded graphics by renowned artist Kosuke Fujishima and high-quality anime cut scenes. Dive into a unique, real time battle system. Execute and combine hundreds of special attacks and magic spells. The line between good and evil blurs in this immersive, emotionally charged epic adventure where the fate of two interlocked worlds hangs in the balance."
Story from Namco site

"- Intricate, emotionally charged storyline provides over 80 hours of epic gameplay.
- Enter a world of high quality anime cut scenes and become absorbed in a beautiful cel-shaded characters designed by renowned artist Kosuke Fujishima.
- Unprecedented character-building flexibility: level up to suit your own gameplay style, build or break relationships as you see fit and marvel as the storyline changes according to your decisions.
- A completely real-time, 3D battle system featuring hundreds of special attacks, combos, spells and summons to choose from.
- Dozens of mini-games and side quests for virtually unlimited replay value."
Features from Namco site

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This whole game is more addictive then being on crack.
-- From Strife
This game is one of the best Gamecube games I have played. I am addicted to it. The fighting style is awesome and the storyline is addicting.
-- From Me.
I think that this game is amazingly good. There is an amazingly large amount a side-quests (which I like). I also enjoy the multiplayer action, the many techs you can use, and Sheena : ). The game is very good at leading you in another direction too.
-- From Indignation Judgement
Kratos says he likes the game, I'm in the game so why should'nt I like it? Anyway, there are lots of swordfights, magic spells and superbe story to quench your RPG needs. If you dont like this game, then your a dirty no good Desian. PS: if you want to know what's a Desian, play the game :p
-- From Kratos
This game is very fun and confusing at the same time. (Good graphics though)
-- From Amy Rose