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Box scan: front cover artwork

Message from general Peppar, priority one...

My cousin was in The Never Ending Story

The main weapon of the game... wield like that !

Like a fox in space

Fox and a friendly dinosaur

It looks like Tawfret without the fog

The reptile king

Two magnificent statues guard the tower

He has a world to save

Krystal on a Pterasomething's back

Rare's Panzer Dragoon ?


Let's do business

Fox closely followed by his little friend, Prince Tricky

T-Rex incoming

Monstruously beautiful !

Fox is amazed too

Starfox Adventures
- スターフォックスアドベンチャー (Japan)
- Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet (early title)

Developed by Rare
Published by Nintendo

Genre: Adventure
Players: 1
Memory Card: 3 blocks

Connection: none

Release Dates:

September 27, 2002
September 23, 2002
November 20, 2002

Players' Hype Meter:

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originality:  8.0 

Review / Test:

So, here is Rare's first title for the GameCube and last one for a Nintendo home console. Is it blessed with the usual goodness we can expect from the best British developer ? Frankly, no.

I'm not a hardcore fan of Rare as many people seem to be but I deeply enjoyed Perfect Dark, Goldeneye and Jet Force Gemini on Nintendo 64, which are definitely some of the best games ever made. I also like Killer Instinct. On the other hand, Banjo & Kazooie never attracted me, I disliked their Mario Kart-likes and I think their other games are just okay (never played Conker though). These are the 2 categories of Rare games for me: the great ones and the averages ones. I'd put Starfox Adventures just between. It's a good game, a very good one by some aspects, but it doesn't appeal to me so much. The quest is a bit tedious, it's supposed to be adventure, but it doesn't give many thrills. It's just some tasks one after one in a beautiful environment. Oh, surely you can't blame Rare for not making a very artistic job with both graphics and music, it's very neat, very impressive but here too it lacks the same thing: the appeal. It's sort of cold, gorgeous but cold. Adventure is not just to solve problems one after another, it requires something, a sort of magic touch, that this game is definitely devoid of. Talking with the creatures around, buying items, flying the Arwing, all of this feels useless and boring. And it shouldn't be. Still, the game is challenging and that'll be good enough for most players. I must say I liked playing the game through too, because of this. But, as an adventure it's disappointing.

Actually, there are a very few things that I really loved: Fox and Tricky make a great pair, all the boss fights are really cool (my favourite is the T-Rex), the voice acting is nice but some accents arrre darrrn strrrong, and there are many touches of humour. Personally, I'm shocked that Starfox Adventures seems to sell so well, maybe more than Super Mario Sunshine. It's maybe not as beautiful but it's much more enjoyable.

-- sanjuro

R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"Dinosaur Planet. An ancient, unspoilt world, a primeval paradise... that is, until General Scales arrived and plunged everything into chaos.

In this landmark gaming event, Rare and Nintendo join forces to chart the return of a classic Nintendo hero: Fox McCloud, best known as leader of the Star Fox team. The GameCube-exclusive Star Fox Adventures sees Fox leave the safety of his Arwing cockpit to investigate the Dinosaur Planet situation on foot, and his discovery of an amazing transformable staff is just the first chapter in a truly epic fantasy adventure.

Eight years on from the defeat of Andross chronicled in Star Fox 64, meet the Star Fox team members in their new roles: Slippy in Weapon Tech Development, supplying Fox with the latest gadgets and equipment; Peppy in Mission Support, always on hand to give directions; and Rob The Robot, supervising the mission in case you ever need extra supplies. Falco? Last seen jetting off in pursuit of a glamorous solo career...

There are also plenty of new characters to meet, most importantly Krystal, a mysterious female captured by an ancient force known only as the Krazoa, and Prince Tricky, a friendly (but smart-mouthed) young triceratops destined to become Fox's new sidekick whether he likes it or not. In addition to these key figures, the planet is populated by a wide range of detailed dinos ready to interact with Fox and (hopefully) help in any way they can.

Since the invasion Dinosaur Planet is a place fraught with danger, but Fox McCloud didn't get where he is today by being unprepared. Chief amongst his resources is the staff, which allows him to perform a range of hand-to-hand combat manoeuvres and can transform into more powerful configurations, but he can also rely on Slippy's technological support and of course his trusty Arwing, which he'll find himself returning to for the occasional flying mission. Then there are Tricky's unique Sidekick Skills, the importance of which shouldn't be understated (or you'll never hear the end of it).

As you'd expect, the game features a deep, engaging storyline to complement its likeable cast of characters, and intuitive situation-based controls help to keep the player immersed. But it's also a stunning game in technical terms: you'll guide Fox through environments brimming with breathtaking water effects, realistic shadows and changes in weather pattern, while the characters themselves were recently upgraded to display state-of-the-art realtime fur-rendering techniques. If you think it looks good in the shots, just wait until you see it in action...

Star Fox Adventures is a game on a grand scale and a fantastic next-generation debut for such established and well-loved characters - which will also be remembered as Rare's very first GameCube title."
Story from Rare site

"- Step out of Fox's Arwing and explore a vast, 3-D world lush in forestry, animals, puzzles and adventure.
- Learn the secrets of a mystical staff to fend off enemies and use it to cast a variety of spells.
- Battle enemies without skipping a beat with the game's intuitive targeting system that locks combat action.
- Traverse land and water or fight through space using Fox's trusty Arwing fighter.
- Build clever strategies to defeat huge boss enemies.
- Witness technologically advanced graphics with Rare's fur-rendering techniques and lavish effects including shimmering water, real-time lighting, depth-of-field blurring and a sophisticated facial animation system.
- Enjoy in-depth, life-like voice-overs and an atmospheric musical score that enhance this whimsical story."
Features from Nintendo site

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It's a me, Foxes numoro uno fan. This game was real cool, but it needed more arwing action and was missing the landmaster. however in StarFox Assult they had these and more (the guns). But even that missed things. P.S. I can't wait for a Revolution game Fox!
-- From kiddfox
Starfox Adventures is wonderful, fantastic. More fox, I love you. Fox is very good.
-- From yura sakasagamy
Starfox is a lot of fun, and surprisingly tricky in parts. Fox is sarcastic and determined, as he should be. The gameplay is fantastic and I love the staff. Everyone should get this game, wether you're a Zelda fan or a Starfox fan, this game is for you!
-- From Dave Neafcy
I really don't have a lot to say...great visuals, wonderful lighting effects, simple puzzles, it's a walk in the park...except, of course, for Andross. Figures Rare would have to make this guy so f--k'in annoying.
-- From an anonymous player
Simply put, everyone should have this game. It's the greatest game of all time.
-- From Chupperson Weird
StarFox Adventures is the best game ever, no questions asked. 'Nuff said.
-- From an anonymous player
Starfox Adventures is my favorite Gamecube game, before I never have played Starfox64 but a few years of owning N64 Super Smash Brothers fox was my second fave character my first was link being a zelda fan and all after getting gamecube I bought Super Smash Brothers Melee seeing Fox in it again, when I saw in a wal-mart book about Starfox Adventures I wanted it and got it I've had the game for about 2 years now and have beaten it about 10 times i used to defeat andross daily but that quit because I could beat him with loosing any life, when I was totally obsessed I started drawing fan art and started drawing fox off by heart (hey that rymes) then i bought Starfox 64 off of a kid at school nig mistake finding out it's nothing like Starfox Adventures all in all I love the Starfox Adventures game I give it a 10/10 but it could be a bit more challenging! I am thinking of getting the new Starfox 2 game for gamecube when it's out, but all it is, is a big battle game probally and I think I might get the origanal starfox for game boy advanced it that one does comeout.
-- From Shippothekit