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Box scan: front cover artwork

Megaman on fire

Skating in the city's glass tube

You press and it gets brighter: magic !

X, Zero and Axl versus a nobody

Hey, back off Zero, that was my close-up !

Even robots can look awfully bored

Dashing to the rescue of old (robot) ladies

Total mess

X on stand by

Megaman X Command Mission
- ロックマンX コマンドミッション (Japan)

Developed by Capcom
Published by Capcom

Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Memory Card: 10 blocks

Connection: none

Release Dates:

July 29, 2004
September 21, 2004
November 19, 2004

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"Play as the hero from the Mega Man X series in his first speed-based, turn style role-playing adventure. Joining Mega Man are Axl and Zero, teammates from the X series. Plus, there are five new playable characters, including a mysterious female robot reploid. Your mission is to infiltrate Giga Island and stop the rebellion started by General Epsilon and his Liberion Army. You’ll be able to customize your characters using accumulated experience points and combine attacks to defeat your dastardly enemies."
Story from Capcom site

"- The first RPG in the Mega Man 'X' universe
- Play as Mega Man X to gather up a team to stop the rebellion
- More than 50 missions plus the main quest
- New to the X series a three-person battle system: battle the enemy simultaneously
- Battle enemies and ward off traps to progress through the game
- Use special combos to change character abilities and weapon attributes"
Features from Capcom site

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Yeah, the game is great. They SHOULD make a second one. I haven't beaten Ninetails yet (isn't Ninetails also a Pokemon's name?). Also, why does everyone say that X is a homosexual? He just doesn't have a girlfriend.
-- From Lynn
Lol. I agree with Nightmare, Zero seemed like some hippy surfer or something (and somewhat a jealous friend). It was a so-so, nothing really special about it RPG game, but if it has Megaman X in it, it's good! (at least X was still a homosexual, not like that's a good thing, but he has been like that since X3, technically)
-- From Jaken-sama
I think this game is very, very good I believe that there should be a second one.
-- From ricardo blot
One of the best games!! The only RPG I like (aside from Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door). But I agree with Nick, it can get boring. But luckily, I haven't finished it yet!! ;p
-- From Redips
THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE GAMES AROUND! but like most games it gets really boring after you beat the last boss (Ninetails).
-- From NICK
I say that this is the first MegaMan X game for GameCube and maybe the best for any Mega Man X fan.
-- From Robert
Everything in the game was nearly true to the Megaman X saga, but one thing bugged me. Zero sounded like a surfer. ^^; I expected him to be more like he was on X7. The way he should be.
-- From Nightmare