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Box scan: front cover artwork

A nice catch ! Chip, where are you ?

Long, bright green grass. Link, where are you ?

Homework before going to bed

Dig dug

Cow, sheep and mini-cow

I'm no Barbie doll

So happy ! must be a poem-lover

Traditionnal Harvest Moon chore

Harvest Moon Poem of Happiness
- 牧場物語 しあわせの詩 (Japan)

Developed by Natsume
Published by Marvelous Interactive

Genre: Farm adventure
Players: 1
Memory Card: ?

Connection: none

Release Dates:

March 03, 2005

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

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I love this game, it takes time for everything keeping you busy, it's hard and all but it's fun. ^_^
-- From Nena
I love it, my favorite part is you get to choose to be a boy or girl! I hated that you didn't start out with a cow though, other than that this game is magical.
-- From Emily
This game was awesome! I plan on marrying Eve. When I play as a girl, I'm gonna marry Joe.
-- From Diana
I haven't played it yet but I have a lot of Harvest Moon games and I think this one is gonna be pretty cool. It looks like it is a really good one. I definitely plan on buying it when it comes out!
-- From Ashley
Yay!!! finally a game with billions of new spouses! No offence to Wonderful Life but their people are strange looking! Can't wait for the game! wooo!! (why am I home on a Friday night!? I should be doing somthing fun, instead of looking up Harvest Moon stuff!)
-- From harvest moon queen
I say that if there are any "depressants" like Marlin or Nami ect... Burn. But otherwise, cannot wait for the game :)
-- From Nig Nog
I can't wait till it comes out!! I'm so going to buy it. ^^
-- From Suki
They are so cute, I'm sure that I buy it. And you can play also female. I WANT IT NOW!!
-- From Sheena Fujibayashi
I know, I love Harvest Moon game series, but.. Well, that guy, and 'barbie doll' are kinda short, so they look like they're 3yrs / 5yrs old.. So, if Id get this game, I would have problems getting used to the size. But, till now every last Harvest Moon, none has been a dissapointment, so I think this will be good also. I also LOVE the characters! My friend asked which girl I remind the most, I said Katie, so I'll marry her. ^^ But, good work.
-- From Kathy
It looks like it's gonna be one of those Harvest Moon games where it may take some time to get used to things and controls, but in the end this game is gonna rock. Yeah I GOTTA get this game! I can't wait!
-- From Rushima
The character design resembles Wind Waker quite a bit. Small ankles, with tight fitting clothes. Huge heads, but pot bellies. Not only that, but it is also cell-shaded. Interesting Natsume, interesting. Anyway... looks better than that horrible Wonderful Life game, so I won't complain. The game looks interesting, I'll check it out if I can get it for $30. I'm guessing that is a stamina meter at the bottom right. The radar will be very useful, finding stuff won't be such a hassle anymore. Well anyway, overall I think the game has kind of a...odd look, but in the end it seems like it should at least be better than Wonderful Life.
-- From Big D
The game looks great I can't wait till it comes to my town so I can buy it. :D Can you please give some more pictures of the game and maybe even the town or something like that, so I can see more of what the game is like. Please.
-- From Kewl
It will be awesome. I am saving up for it now. I can't wait. Pig as a pet will be cool. Do you guys think you could get more pics with the pig in it?
-- From Haugs
Sorry but this game seems boring. Catch fish and talk to cow, for me this is not fun.
-- From ???
Best game yet!! 5 stars!!! In 1 out of 10, I give it a ten. I have seen tons of sites on this, it looks and sounds awesome, the only maybe downside is the Animal Crossing graphics other than that, perfect!!
-- From Brandie
I thought it was a cool game.... not! Isn't it for young children of 6 years old?? A Wonderfull Life is much better!!
-- From harvest moon freak
This one looks way better than A Wonderful Life, I like those graphics and I like the way the animals look like they're from Friends of Mineral Town. This game is gonna be gangsta, I also like that there are more people you can marry and you can move your furniture unlike AWL.
-- From Joshua
I really can't wait for this game!! it's gonna be the best out of all the Harvest Moon!!! (i bet^^)
-- From Laura
Having a pig would be awesome...haha... and the fact you could take them around town. The graphics, characters, and plot are* amazing...now all we have to do now is....WAIT! ...err
-- From Heather
I can't wait for it to come out! The adorable chibi setting makes for a charming and fresh feel, while the object of the game presents a challenge unlike many of the others (although they still rock).
-- From Donna
This game loks better than A Wonderful Life because of all the new animal choices, farming land, WIVES/HUSBANDS(!), rivalry (as opposed to do what you want in a retarded manner), house plot choices, lighter and more chibi graphics (i love that), and now there's music played through the whole town -- instead of just at your farm -- it'll bring back a Back to Nature feeling.
-- From Timothy Kelly