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Box scan: front cover artwork

I'm a girl, so I care about my hair

Chick and chicken

Love at first sight

Young hooligans !

The heartbreaker (who might need glasses)

Admiring a ghostly-looking waterfall

Never underestimate how tough women are

Only kids and dogs are interested in folk songs

A gift for baby (hopefully a new hat)

Family weekend

Harvest Moon Another Wonderful Life
- 牧場物語 ワンダフルライフ forガール (Japan)
- Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life for Girls (translation)

Developed by Natsume
Published by Marvelous Interactive

Genre: Farm adventure
Players: 1
Memory Card: 47 blocks


Release Dates:

July 08, 2004
July 2005

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is a heartwarming tale that unfolds over six important chapters in your life. While raising crops and tending animals is essential to fiscal success, you'll also make important decisions that can eventually shape the fates of other family members. Out here success isn't measured on a balance sheet or pay stub: It's defined by how you treat your family and neighbors!"
Story from Nintendo's site

"- Find the man of your dreams then use your charm to win his heart.

- Choose friends who can influence your child's career and future. (note from SN: oh my, great morale...)

- Cultivate your best seed varietals into the best produce available or create hybrids."
Features from Nintendo's site

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This game is amazing. Chapter one is fun but chapter two will just melt your heart when you see your baby boy. I love this game and hope everyone will keep playing it. Thank you Natsume!!!
-- From Samantha
This is an awesome game. I can never stop playing it... but... the only thing that needs work is the bachelors... they're so ugly >.<
-- From Taiyoumi
I looove it and I play 24/7. Even 1 million dollars can't get me off it!!
-- From Aura
Oh my god, I really want this game!! If only I wasn't grounded and weren't broke!!
-- From Sam
10! 10! 10!! I give this game a 10 and four thumbs up. Yes... it is a little frustrating. But that's the fun of it! I play Harvest Moon 24/7.. and you can't stop me!!! ha!
-- From kayla
Good game. I just wish that as soon as you give the blue feather you get married the next day and then it wouldn't be the next year. There are things I would take from this game and add it to Friends of Mineral Town but then again that game has things that I won't take out, I also liked when you could have a girl or a boy so it would be a suprise! I give this game a 7 out of 10.
-- From coco
Rock rox my sox man. I also like how you can buy clothes from Van! This game is TOTALLY how a dream life should be (if you love animals, farms, & getting dates). 0.o
-- From Allie
I LOVE this game! I have Harvest Moon : A Wonderful Life too but the girl one is a WHOLE lot better!
-- From Haley
I think it sounds awesome! but I haven't played it, I bought the boy version instead of this one. :(
-- From Lucas
I have Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life and when I beat it I went to check a different Harvest Moon game and I think I just found it. Oh, this isn't just a girl game, I'm a boy and I want it bad. HARVEST MOON ROCKS!!
-- From xl
I like this Harvest Moon too, but I think Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life is better (the bachelors are scary in this game!).
-- From Harvest Moon Luver
I played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature before but never Another Wonderful Life. I want this game so bad that I would die for it. Who ever created Harvest Moon is the BOMB. 1luv
-- From Tay
This is a cool game when you want to pass some time. I usually play before bed but still this game is kind of hard to figure out and has a really small map and not much to do.
-- From Abdul
I absolutely LOVE Harvest Moon!! I can't wait until I get the girl version.
-- From Jazzcat
I have the boy version but instead of having two A Wonderful Life games, I wish there was one and you could pick if you're a boy or girl.
-- From unknown grl
I love Harvest Moon! I used to just play Harvest Moon for gameboy, but this one rocks alot more! Go Natsume!
-- From Xenya
I love this game because....... I just do, no more said.
-- From Mew
It is really fun. I have the boy version though but I still play it all the time.
-- From day dreamer
I love the game and how I never can put the controller down and is's controlling me, help.....
-- From aura
This game... hmm... let me map it put for you... JUST PLAIN FRIGGIN AWESOME! haha! ya tis a great game! I only wish the children where more attractive and more interesting things would happpen! peace out**
-- From Clair
The first time I played it was in the summer and I borrowed it from a rental place and it was soooo cool. I asked my dad if I could have it for my birthday in November but I didn't get it. I was so sad. But I got it for Christmas and I love to play it!! ~ let's just say it's a good game.
-- From Tiffany
Marlin is the most brilliant man in the world. Fish are nature's bounty, no?
-- From Scully
I love this game! the characters are all adorable, and you have TOTAL control in what you're doing.
-- From lily
Aaaaah I want this game!! AAAAH.. can someone give it to me? .. ow btw .. heheh .. mail adress is .. ikbensanae@hotmail.com
-- From Sanae
This game is... Just plain awesome. Nothing else to say but that, right? That's right. You all know it's the truth! Hehe
-- From Seren
I love this game! I just hope they make Harvest Moon another wonderful life special edition like the one they did before.
-- From Muffy
I haven't got it yet but I think about it all the time!!
-- From cat
I Love it!!! I think it's really hard work though. It's still the most awesome coolest greatest perfect game ever!!!
-- From Rachel
I love this game, I have a hurt arm right now but if I could play I wouldn't stop. Yeah!! Harvest Moon rox my sox.
-- From Teddy
I absolutley love this game!(ok maybe not love) but it's awesome and you're in control, you're in command of everything.
-- From michelle
This game rocks!! Every day is so exciting, it's like real life wonderful hee hee get it? ^_^
-- From Kay Bear
I love the game but I want my husband Marlin not to be so shy.
-- From nelly
You should really note that usually from games like these you get fed up with pretty fast. Think of the price you'll have to pay on it. Although that I think that it's a wonderful idea to make a game like these to girls, considering no boys (I guess) play the Harvest Moon for boys ^.^
-- From Boo
I love it! I would take a lot of this game! I wish I can have this game free!
-- From Lisa
This is a cool game for girls... I am a girl!
-- From tenshi chan