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Box scan: front cover artwork

Giants are full of love

Yellow cab

As high as the mountain

Yellow submarine

Doshin is an early riser

A shiny, crooked-smile evil

Worshipping the yellow god

Path of destruction

Flower power and a bit of magic

Attending the construction works

A great threat is on its way

Night is falling and the giant is waiting

Little people asking for help

Overlooking the village

Between evil and good, one has to choose


Doshin The Giant
- 巨人のドシン (Japan)

Developed by Param / Marigul
Published by Nintendo

Genre: Playing the giant
Players: 1
Memory Card: 40 blocks (+ 4 blocks per snapshot)
Extra: In Japan the game is bundled with a memory card.

Connection: none

Release Dates:

March 14, 2002
September 20, 2002
September 18, 2002

Players' Hype Meter:

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originality:  9.0 
Average / Long

Review / Test:

Doshin is not the kind of game you'll like if you're a brainless idiot who cannot stand anything but uninterrupted fast and violent action. It's all the contrary, you probably know that. Doshin is a slow and peaceful game, which can turn a bit violent according to the way you play, but only to make you feel ill at ease (unless you're a brainless idiot as afore mentioned).

As a peaceful yellow giant, you help the inhabitants of a vast island to settle and grow. When you decide to turn evil, into a red giant, you just destroy everything, smashing buildings and landscapes. It's up to the player to choose when being Doshin or Jashin. The giant can perform a few action like walking, jumping, carrying things, and leveling the ground to make mountains, flat land or abysses. Well, no, it's no Sim City. To thank him, the little dudes who live in the island build a monument. There are 16 different ones which depend on the four colors of the tribes, having them all built is the "purpose" of the game. Though the real purpose is to enjoy your time by doing whatever you please. For most people out there, fun might fit better with the idea of destroying than creating. Experimenting the destruction is a temptation that our primitive souls will definitely yield to, yet it's not so satisfying. Hearing the screams of the little guys, being chased by their hate (which appears as skulls) all around you and making all their efforts disappear in a cloud of smoke is a sight that will give at least a bit of sorrow to any player who bears a heart in his chest. Being greeted by hearts for helping them is a most rewarding feeling than spreading your own anger. In the circumstances, the player might become desperate not to be liked by the locals despite all his efforts, enough desperate to say aloud: "oh no ! why don't they like me !?" (which might also be the beginning of a furious and crimson revenge). Some disasters, more or less natural come to disturb the life of the island. It's up to Doshin to stop them in their path of destruction.

Nope, Doshin The Giant is not the game of the year and it's not a new star title from Nintendo, it's a just a simple, gentle and relaxing little game which is worth a try. You might hate it, you might like it, but at least don't be an idiot, don't despise it without giving a try !

-- sanjuro

R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is suitable for everyone (kids over 7, teens and adults)

Official story and features:

"An ancient legend has passed from generation to generation. According to this legend, a giant will appear at sunrise. It seems that today the wait has come to an end ! Will this enormous yellow giant help the islanders to develop their culture ?!? And if he does, what will come then ? Prepare to rule your own world !"
Story from the game box

"- Grow larger and larger by absorbing the love and hate of the islanders
- The Love-Giant (Doshin) can even transform. What sort of character will he become ?
- Help the islanders to develop their cultures and watch as they build many different monuments
- You can raise or lower the ground to whatever level you like ! What an amazing power !"
Features from the game box

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This is an all time stategy giant game. Be a god. Stamp out fire. Make mountains, lakes, rivers + oceans. 8/10 [cool]
-- From an anonymous player