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Box scan: front cover artwork

"Oh my god, my game is beauuuutiful !"

Mystical aircraft in crepuscular sky

Magical deck in use

Kalas, Xelha and Meemai in a remote village

A cave of absolute beauty

Savyna punishing an enemy creature

In front of such a striking sight, one merely kneels down

Taking a decision in the quiet street

Bridge of snow to a magnificent ice palace

The floating world of Sadaal Suud

About to cut through an evil sort of bat

Giacomo in his most gorgeous armor

In the gardens of heaven

High magic

An exquisite atmosphere of doom

A greengrocery like no other

Fighting a beast of wonders

Lightnings, sparkles, waves and all the lights of spells

Take a bite of this new world

The herald of dark forces

Baten Kaitos - Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
- Baten Kaitos 終わらない翼と失われた海 (Japan)

Developed by Monolith Software
Published by Namco

Genre: Card-based RPG
Players: 1
Memory Card: 8 blocks

Connection: none

Release Dates:

December 05, 2003
November 16, 2004
April 01, 2005

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Review / Test:

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R Samurai Nintendo thinks this game is maybe too mature for children

Official story and features:

"The story of Baten Kaitos takes place at a time when lands exist in the sky. It is an era in which the once-vast oceans have become mere legend among men. This is the world in which Kalas and Xelha meet: A world in crisis, where a conspiracy for power may lead to its destruction. Players will control a spirit that guides and advises Kalas throughout his journey and fights by his side. Over 1000 types of "Magnus" cards deliver an intense battle system combined with breathtaking graphics and a world overflowing with character detail. Enter Baten Kaitos on a journey to unlock the mystery of the lost sea in an enchanting story of friendship, betrayal, and prayer."
Story from Namco press release

"- Intense turn-based battle system: An intense and unconventional card-based RPG battle system with over 1000 types of "Magnus" cards (each with its own unique artwork) that can be combined.
- Capture essences in "Magnus Cards": Capture the essence of certain items and entrap them within blank magnus cards, then reproduce them during combat, healing, solving puzzles, and more. Magnus cards age through time: foods will ripen or rot, items will rust, gain or lose value with age.
- An epic journey with surprising twists: Experience shocking story development as you control a spirit that guides and advises Kalas throughout his journey. Enter a world overflowing with character detail, emotion, and expression.
- Breathtaking graphics. Players will be in awe of incredible graphics, including sub-worlds, towns, villages, cities, and even weather patterns bursting with amazing color and detail.
- Renowned production talent: 3D Character designs by Asami Fujita. Brilliant soothing soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba."
Features from Namco press release

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Featuring great graphics, a great story and a superb battle system this RPG is a treat to the GameCube. While its card based battle system may scare off some players, it balances the game perfectly making the battles less repetitive. This game dosen't feature the best voice acting but it is an amazing game.
-- From Scott