:: Samurai Nintendo's E3 2005 Section Opens
May 3, 2005   2:02am

The next Electronic Entertainment Expo kicks off in two weeks. However, if you're familiar with the event you might be aware that things start to heat up during this period, before the show is actually open: it's when some of the most important announcements are made or... when information leaks.

It's also the time when official E3 sections blossom in game publishers' websites, sometimes with the first glance at some amazing new games we're eagerly waiting for or, on the contrary, games we would have never imagined.

Ah, what a wonderful month May is for all the game enthusiasts ! Perhaps even more for the Nintendo fans, who always get plenty to talk and dream about for the months to come. And this year again, Samurai Nintendo will ensure everyone gets his part of the dream, with our full E3 coverage !

Have a good E3 everyone !

N.B.: Our newly open section might still receive adjustements in the days to come. Please note also that the address has changed to http://www.samurainintendo.com/revolution/e3_2005.php