:: New pictures of the Revolution !
May 18, 2005   12:34pm

We have new pictures for Nintendo's next system including pics you might not see anywhere else but on Samurai Nintendo (at least for now ;) ). And as a matter of fact, let's start with them:

Here is the first picture showing the system in its horizontal position.

This one is a very interesting picture, not seen before, showing a hidden pannel which looks like the GameCube classic interface (4 controller ports and 2 memory card ports), so that the console would be entirely compatible with the former system, accessories included. Logically, it would be impossible to play GC titles without having the console laid down.

You've seen this one before, this is the first picture to be unveiled.

Now you can see the console detached from its support and its size compared to an average-size hand.

Face and profile, note Nintendo's name is discreetly carved in the back corner while the name of the console is shown on the front.

Another view, when inserting a disk.

Different colors, including some awful-looking green and red.

With the Revolution, Nintendo choose to make a PS2 lookalike, it seems quite a desperate move, but that's maybe Nintendo's situation. They try everything they can to shake off their "kiddy" image, an image that only fools see in them, but there are so many fools out there that they even managed to convince Nintendo of the reality of it. Nintendo needs to change something fast, the solution is not to change what they are though, by doing so, they will lose both their fan base and the audience they've been trying to conquer since the Nintendo 64. The solution, as usual, is in the games. They have to understand how their game heritage (franchises, characters, past games...) which was once their best asset has become their worst handicap, and take actions to change this.