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Dusting Off the Katana
August 15, 2008
  • I fixed the comments.
    Let it be known they were broken since January... I knew about it but did nothing to fix them (shame on me) because I was so busy with 1UP. I apologize to all the people whose comments got lost even though it said they had been sent. All the previous comments have been saved and I will post them some time in the future.
  • The main page and archives have been updated.
  • There is now a SUPER Temporary Forum for all the users of Samurai Nintendo and 1UP.

And So it Was Proved the Samurai Was Not Dead After All
August 15, 2008
It's been more than two years. More than two years than the site suddenly ceased to be updated. Such a long time that I do not even remember clearly what was going on back then. With a little effort however, I can reconstruct the events that led me to abandon Samurai Nintendo so suddenly. I moved twice to a new place in a short time, then, when I finally was able to settle in a room of my own, the ordeal of working on my old computer became so painfully evident that I decided to drop the process altogether and to work on improving what I considered to be my post important website, 1UP, while saving to buy a new computer.

There was of course another behind reason behind this choice: I was losing faith in Nintendo. The Wii, which had been fully unveiled in May, was to no interest to me at all. It was the first time Nintendo introduced a new home system that left me stone cold. I had no intention of quitting making a Nintendo news website so I was trying to find a solution that would suit both my passion for Nintendo games and my aversion for the Wii. Another question was what would become of Samurai Nintendo. A new site was the most likely solution, was I to end Samurai Nintendo ? Or to I continue it in parallel ? Should I integrate it with the new content ?

I eventually bought a new computer, worked on 1UP's redesign for a few months and launched the new site in February 2007. Bad luck stroke twice during that time. First, Samurai Nintendo's forum was hacked again, forcing me to host a temporary forum at spreebb.com (which, in turn, would shut down in early 2008, leaving all its users without data backup). Then, my computer broke and I returned to work on the old computer. Months later, when I finally got a new computer in June 2007, all my energy was directed to 1UP.

I kept this pace and time passed, while a hesitation remained, certitudes took form. For one, I did not want to make a website about the Wii. The games had so little appeal to me, it would be torture or plain stupid to spend time on something I did not like. But a new Nintendo site would be made. The solution would be simply to make the editorial line entirely different and this, at the time of writing, is still a confirmed, ongoing project. A new forum, that I would design and code, is also on track. The final hesitation is about Samurai Nintendo. I'm still not sure what's going to happen to it. Now that it is decided it will not evolve into a Wii site, its content is bound to remain GameCube-only. I actually find the idea appealing, the problem is how and where to take care of the content. Because the new Nintendo site will move in place of Samurai Nintendo, I need to find a new, simple home for my old work.

As for now, while all these projets are under development, I might very randomly update Samurai Nintendo by adding information and finalizing some sections. Today the main page and archives were updated.

:: GAMES : NEWS ARCHIVES . August 2008