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Chat with Miyamoto !
March 10, 2006
Too good to be true, isn't it ? Well, it may be. Even though you'll be able to chat with Nintendo's fame game producer and designer Shigeru Miyamoto on the webchats.tv site on March 17, don't expect to talk about just anything. Questions will be monitored and have to be submitted already now, as well as being related to the Nintendo DS.

Seemingly Nintendo is not ready to talk about anything else but their handheld, if you expected to slip dirty questions about Zelda's delay or why Nintendo gave up support for the GameCube so early, you'll have to beg for another chance. Chat will be available to view in German, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch from 8pm (GMT) on Friday 17th March.

In the meanwhile you can express your bitterness in our chat or in our forum.

Ranking & Comments
March 9, 2006
Baten Kaitos II's fate is not a dream in Japan, it's a nightmare. Alhtough published by Nintendo, it didn't stay longer than a week inside the top 50 as you can see this week in the Japanese ranking.

» See the Japanese ranking

We also added comments mostly for Harvest Moon games, very popular as usual, Dance Dance Mario Mix, Baten Kaitos II, and the popularity champion, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess of course.

Japanese Ranking & Planning
March 6, 2006
Since the GameCube retailed in Japan in September 2001, it's the first time we see a month without a new GameCube release. It's worrying considering we're still so far away from the Revolution.

The Japanese charts had not been updated for a month, now it's done and you will understand this delay when you see what's been happening: nothing, until last week when Baten Kaitos II came out. Super Mario Strikers was the only GC title in the ranking and it had to accomplish the difficult task of staying in.

» See the Japanese ranking
» See the Japanese planning

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