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Japanese Ranking Updated
March 25, 2004
Four Swords + and Gundam arrived this week... without much sparkle.

Latest GameCube News
March 24, 2004
Sega. According to the site Spong which heard it directly from a Japanese source, Sega is preparing to reveal a vast number of new titles during two meetings in Tokyo on April 7-9 and Osaka on April 13-14. Among them are reported to be many major titles and probably Sega franchise.

Memory Card 1019. Nintendo is said to plan the release of a new memory card this year (spring or winter ?), the Memory Card 1019, whose data storage capacity is 17 times bigger than the original card, and about 4 times than the largest official card, the black memory card 251. Will it match with the release of a specific game ?

E3. As we suspected, in addition to propose a playable version of the sequel to Metroid Prime, during the next E3 show, Nintendo will also introduce the sequel to The Wind Waker. It should one of the many surprises we can expect from Nintendo's booth this year.

Out of track. According to various sites, Four Swords +'s original mode Tetra's Trackers will not be integrated in the US version. We suppose a new mode or some special additions will replace it, though there hasn't been any word about it yet. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords + will be released in USA on June 7.

Sequels. Namco's next Tekken is rumored to take a Virtua Fighter approach and to be multi-systems, while Game Arts' is said to be working on Grandia III, though no system has been announced yet.

Numbers. Detailed sales numbers will be published as soon as tomorrow. But here's a glimpse already, according to some early results, both Four Swords + and Mobile Suit Gundam sold more than 50.000 units in their first week in Japan. Decent, but not so well.

Guilty Wing: Hoax or not ?
March 24, 2004
There's an interesting conflict of views going on at the moment about the new possible Final Fantasy title "Guilty Wing" that we mentioned in our yesterday news. This morning, IGN completely denied that the latest issue of V-Jump had anything about such a title, they clearly said that it was false information. On the other hand, Cube Europe keeps saying the exact contrary, this time relying on an news item from the US site Spong which states the game will take place in the world of Final Fantasy VII !

This is all very strange, but it seems they are confident that an official statement from Square-Enix is soon to be released to confirm that.

Another Final Fantasy
March 22, 2004
A persistent rumour has it that a new Final Fantasy is on the way for GameCube. As before, it would be developed by Squaresoft's Game Designer Studio. Some say it will be a remake, others that it will be an original title with elements of a past game. It's difficult to separate the facts from the fans' wishes, but it's very likely there's something true about all this. The most likely titles to be remade are Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9, because they didn't appear on a Nintendo's system. Logically, Final Fantasy VII would be the best choice as it's an all-time favorite and one of the strongest selling titles. But for these reasons also, given that Sony owns a part of Square, they might not want to remake such a hit on GameCube.

A new clue has been uncovered some days ago, with a scan from the Japanese magazine V-Jump, announcing that in their next issue they'll talk about a new Final Fantasy for GameCube called Final Fantasy - Guilty Wing, showing, in the background, a picture of Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Should we then expect a remake of FF8 ? Perhaps. But there's still another possibility given what's been said earlier, that, instead of a remake, Game Designer Studio would make a sort of sequel to this title, like Square did with Final Fantasy X-2. We will definitely know more soon anyway, if not in the coming weeks, definitely during the E3.

Japanese Ranking Updated
March 18, 2004
Snake crawls into the top but gets squashed by a ninja and a plumber. Brutes !
It's all in Japan Weekly.

Review of 1080 Avalanche
March 18, 2004
You ! Come here and tell me you haven't bought SSX3 only because you heard that 1080 wasn't as good ? 1080 is a great game, NST deserves applause and we tell you why today in our review. Before the snow melts, you still have a chance to buy it, hurry !

» Review of 1080 Avalanche

March 11, 2004
Given the troubles that I encounter in the first steps of re-designing my site with these old stinky graphics tools, I might not be able as I first hoped to deliver the new version of Samurai Nintendo around the E3. Actually, if I look at my progress and at the way I still have to go, I feel I won't be able to deliver it before a loooong time. It sucks. It really sucks, with a big s on each side, but to achieve what I want, the evolution of Samurai N in the rigt direction, I need to take time and be really patient, please bear it with me.

Japanese Ranking Updated
March 11, 2004
This time Custom Robo: Battle Revolution makes its debut.

Updated Latest Release Dates
March 6, 2004
I just updated the release dates for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Pokemon Colosseum, Pikmin 2 and Resident Evil 4.

Japanese Ranking Updated
March 4, 2004
Kind of boring. Should change next week. There's a pretty exciting month ahead.

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