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Latest GameCube News
February 26, 2004
Radical FPS. Free Radical announced this week two FPS for the three consoles and thus, most importantly, for our too often neglected GameCube. The first one, unsurprisingly, is Time Splitter 3 while the second one is a brand new game, Second Sight, adding mind power elements to the FPS genre. Unlike its predecessor which was released by Eidos, Time Splitter 3 will be under EA's label. No publisher has been determined for Second Sight yet.

Burnout 3. More ambiguous is the future of Burnout 3 on GameCube. The game, developed by Criterion and now too published by EA, has been clearly stated for the two other systems but not for Nintendo's console. However, several reports hint that the game is likely to come to GameCube.

Releasent Evil 4. Capcom's official stance for Resident Evil 4's release worldwide is the following: the game will come out in Japan and USA in winter 2004, and in early 2005 in Europe.

Quit. Sadly, almost every week brings reports of desisting third party. This time Team 17 is reported to stop supporting GameCube due to disappointing results for Worms 3D. IGN (doh!) also says Blood Rayne 2 is not coming for GameCube and Cube Europe says the same about UEFA 2004.

No quit. On the other hand, Namco's Street Racing Syndicate which was supposed to be canceled is now reported to be.. not. A Namco representative replied to IGN (doh!) basically saying no ! no ! it's not canceled ! Well, good news even if personally I had not heard about this game.

Custom Robo. You'll be able to connect the Custom Robo: Battle Revolution with its GBA counterpart Custom Robo GX to unlock a few secrets in the GameCube version.

Boring. EA has a sequel to Goldeneye on the work. Big deal. "Goldeneye" is just a name, what counts is that it was developed at a time when Rare was at its best. This false sequel is developed by EA, so it could be the same as if they were releasing Everything or Nothing under the name Goldeneye 2. Yeah, it's for suckers.

Japanese Ranking and Planning Updated
February 26, 2004
You thought this week would be quiet ? This time you got it all right. Nothing much happening except a big hairy hand waving at you from the bottom of the charts. The planning hasn't changed much either, April is still so frighteningly empty though now there's finally one game announced, Pikmin 2. I suspect Nintendo decided to release it earlier to avoid the shame of a completely empty month. The E3 really needs to come to reassure us about Nintendo's plans for the year. I just hope it will reassure us...

First Reaction to our Last Week's Special
February 24, 2004
I received an e-mail from a friend who happened to read "Samurai Nintendo answers to IGN Cube's readers" and I decided to publish it. You can read it with the rest of the article here:

» Reader's mail

An apology
February 24, 2004
I'm sorry the site is moving so slowly lately, there are pratically no update. I'm busy with many things including the new version of the site. On the other hand, GameCube news are scarce and there's been really nothing exciting since the new screenshots for Resident Evil 4. Be patient, keep coming, and one day you'll enjoy a brand new design and other advantages from this period of drought in our site's activity.

Japanese Ranking Updated
February 19, 2004
You thought this week would be quiet ? Then you got it all wrong ! It was without counting on the Famicom Mini that stormed the charts. Woooohoo, check our Japan Weekly and be amazed !

Samurai Nintendo answers to IGN Cube's readers
February 15, 2004
I had other plans for my sunday, but after I read the "Reader's Voice" in IGN Cube, I felt I had to do something and so I came up with this very special idea. I was also glad today to see some stunning Resident Evil 4 new screenshots, it gave me quite much energy to put in the debate. Anyway, here it is, to all the skeptics, to all the things IGN Cube won't bother comment, Samurai N did. Hope it'll have some use and effect, a little bit at least:

» Samurai N answers to the Readers of IGN Cube

Japanese Planning Updated and a Reflection
February 12, 2004
One date has been added, it's for Mobile Suit Gundam: Senshitachi no Kiseki, which, strangely comes out the same day as The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords+. That looks pretty much like a suicidal move for Nintendo. Gundam is popular but the new Zelda must prove its value. Or maybe Nintendo hope Gundam will compensate probable poor sales for Four Swords+ ? Whatever it is, it's not the only worrying thing: in April, so far, there's no game announced to be released ! And indeed, when you look at the planning of the year, there are not many games announced. I would like to be sure that I can rely on some surprise announcements in the coming weeks, with plenty of terrific games Nintendo is hiding till their final stage of production, maybe for an amazing E3 show, but I doubt more and more. Hopefully Nintendo is not too focus on the DS that they are neglecting to prepare great games for the GameCube. I'm also very worried about third party editors. It seems, despite the latest great results, they are totally giving up the Cube, even strong allies like Capcom, Sega or Namco don't seem to have many new exciting projects. After all the remakes we had to bear, it's maybe time for game makers to come up with original and high-quality games.

Japanese Ranking Updated
February 12, 2004
A quiet week once more with no significant change. Check Japan Weekly for the lowdown.

Review of True Crime: Streets of L.A.
February 9, 2004
Activision's new super star is not a famous skateboarder nor a popular super hero, it's a brand new character born from their imagination. I know what you think, that you didn't believe it could happen one day. But it did. He's called Nick Kang and he's pretty cool, though quite much of a cliché like many things in his game. Some will hate it for that. We, at Samurai Nintendo, liked quite much True Crime. Not all of it but a few good things that in our opinion counterbalance all the drawbacks you regularly hear about. Fint out more in our review:

» Review of True Crime

Japanese Ranking Updated
February 5, 2004
Nothing much is happening this week, but if you want to check, go for Japan Weekly.

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