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Soul Calibur 2
March 27, 2003
Soul Calibur 2 was released today, and so was Product Number 03. You can now check pictures and info about these 2 games, I added a preview of Soul Calibur 2 with 9 pictures. There are very big pictures, 640x480 - 100Ko/pic, so you people with a 56k modem, you might have to suffer a bit of a waiting before enjoying these superb screenshots. Anyway, they'll be resized at a smaller scale in a few days.

» Review of Soul Calibur 2

GC weekly sales in Japan
March 27, 2003
The chart of the best selling GC titles in Japan has been updated. One new game: Hikaru no Go 3 by Konami.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
March 27, 2003
Seven brand new screenshots to replace the old ones along with the official title logo. The exact Japanese release date has also been added, comments for the picture will come later today.

» Preview of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

March 26, 2003
Screenshots are available on this site for GIFTPIA and Harvest Moon - A Wonderful Life. I updated the GameCube sales in Japan and the Nintendo Planning in the Japan Weekly section and added the comments for GIFTPIA pictures.

March 25, 2003
Added a short preview of GIFTPIA, a promising RPG directed by Kenichi Nishi and designed by Keita Eto, two former employees of Square Soft who both worked on Chrono Trigger on Super NES.

» Preview of GIFTPIA

Samurai Nintendo: what's new ?
March 24, 2003
Today I opened the new section Japan Weekly. It's divided into 3 parts so far: GameCube Best Sales, Nintendo Planning and Historical Best-sellers. I must confess only GC Best Sales is weekly though. I hope to add a "Players' Portraits" section in which I will ask a few questions to Japanese gamers.

So, what exactly has been changed and improved in this fourth new version of Samurai N ? Maybe not so many things as it looks. The purpose was to ease the navigation by eliminating all the most disturbing problems reported by Neopages' visitors without changing the basic look of the site. The source code has been entirely modified though the layout remains quite similar.

significant improvements:
- the site should display properly no matter which browser or resolution you are using (with a lower resolution than 800x600, you might have to scroll horizontally though). The site has been tested with Explorer 5.0, 5.5, Netscape Communicator 4.06 and Opera, from a 640x400 low rez to a very high rez.
- a new design has been made.
- the pictures should load faster and should not prevent the rest of the site to load on some browser.
- opening of a new section.

Several other small corrections and changes have been done, for instance regarding the referencing by search engines' robots which should be slightly improved.

coming soon: as soon as a good host (!Neopages!) is found
- 15 reviews are on the way, including 7 new games.
- opening of a new section, Code of the Samurai, about the site itself (copyrights, infos, put your own ads, etc...).
- opening of a tiny Game Boy Advance section (quick presentation of the hardware and a few key games along with all the games connecting with the GameCube that we mentioned in the GC section).
- news update and various updates in the games files (release dates, memory card blocks, features...)
- the biggest update to come though, is to link our site with Amazon progam, or some other compagnies, for online shopping.

Let's hope it's the beginning of a brand new succesful adventure for Samurai Nintendo !

Samurai Nintendo: new version
March 20, 2003
Here is the new version ! This is just a test phase, some sections are not opened yet.

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