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Square and Enix merge !
November 26, 2002
The 2 RPG masters are now one same company known as Square-Enix. The news is huge as Square owns Final Fantasy and Enix owns Dragon Quest. Let's just hope the GameCube is going to benefit from this association.

New entrance page !
November 26, 2002
I had to change the entrance page of Samurai Nintendo because the Game Boy Advance is not a topic of the site anymore and because the design was a bit outdated. I'm very proud of this new page, I think it's a nice one and the original idea has been preserved. I will have to change the top picture as well but it's going to take time, I'm busy for now. If you came here through the window of the back door, check Samurai N's new entrance page.

More Nintendo surprises in December !
November 22-26, 2002
Capcom announces 5 exclusive games for GameCube and Nintendo introduces the Game Boy Player, well, that's what we call a good November month ! But hey, what about some more surprises in December ? That's what is very likely to happen. It seems Nintendo is really going to offer a free copy of Ocarina of Time and Zelda Ura to the Japanese customers who will pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Batons of the Winds. The official site of Nintendo Japan reports it.

And that's not all. According to a Japanese newspaper, 2 important developers (probably Japanese) are going to unveil some new GameCube games in December. Here, at Samurai N, we think there's a possibility, a small one maybe, that one of the developers is Enix. It's pure speculation, still, Enix is supposed to present his Dragon Quest VIII at Jump Festival, in Tokyo, in December. Nothing is known about it, not even for which system it's developed. So, maybe... we can hope for the best !!

Rocky infos
November 22, 2002
It's called "review", but there's no review because I haven't played the game. But the game is out, so I don't want to call it preview, gah, its complicated (Samurai N must be the weirdest Nintendo site on earth !). Anyway... you'll find pictures and infos about the Rocky game which should come today in Europe on GameCube. If you love the movies (the more it goes the worst they are though), the game seems a must-buy. It definitely has more to offer than the average boxing game, and that's good !

» Review of Rocky

UPDATED: November 2002 to January 2003 releases
November 7-22, 2002
Two new games have been added in the Japanese planning: Harry Potter (out tomorrow) and Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom, and the final dates for a few games have been set. Notice also that Kemco's Batman Dark Tomorrow has been removed from Nintendo's planning. At last, today, Capcom is supposed to update his Production Studio 4 announcement with videos, so far there's nothing new, but we'll keep you updated.
Here's the new planning:

Friday 1:
- From TV Animation One Piece - Treasure Battle (Bandai)
Friday 8:
- Mario Party 4 (Nintendo)
Thursday 21:
- Resident Evil 0 (Capcom)
- Muscle Man: The Ultimate Battle of Muscle Island (Konami)
- Super Monkey Ball 2 (Sega)
Friday 22:
- Kinniku Man 2nd Generation Superhuman Vs Legendary Superhuman (Bandai)
Saturday 23:
- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Electronic Arts)
Thursday 28:
- Swingerz Golf (Eidos)

Thursday 5:
- Momotaro Railway Story 11 (Hudson)
- Yu-Gi-Oh: Falsebound Kingdom (Konami)
Thursday 12:
- Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee (Atari)
- Disney Sports: American Football (Konami)
- Evolution Skateboarding (Konami)
Friday 13:
- The Legend of Zelda: Batons of the Winds (Nintendo)
Thursday 19:
- Disney Sports: Basketball (Konami)
- Sonic Mega Collection (Sega)
- Choro Q (Takara)
- Blast revolution 2002 - Magnetic Tag Battle (Takara)
- Bomberman Jetters (Hudson)
Friday 20:
- Mr. Driller - Drill Land (Namco)
- Tetris World (Success)
Thursday 26:
- Top Gun: Ace of the Sky (Titus)
- Legend of Eternal Arcadia (Sega)

Thursday 9:
- Space Raiders (Taito)
Thursday 16:
- Ikaruga (Infogrames)
Thursday 30:
- World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 Final Evolution (Konami) aka Pro Evolution Soccer 2 Final Evolution

Welcome in the new Samurai N !
November 20, 2002
Here it is, a new version of Samurai Nintendo, again. This time, instead of adding things, I removed many ! However, interesting new things have been added too... The main reason for this change was that Tripod.com reduced their free hosting from 50 Mo to 20 Mo. Now Samurai N fits perfectly in this 20 Mo limit, however I had to sacrifice many things to conform to it.

The biggest "bad" change is that all the pictures are now of a 320x240 size. A very few are still bigger than that and can be enlarged by clicking, whether because, big or small, the size of the file wasn't much affected (Cubivore for instance), whether because they are some interesting preview games (the 5 Capcom ones, 3 pics of F-Zero GC...). After a while though, they might be resized at the 320x240 format.

The biggest "good" change is that I added many more review and preview pages. There's a file for almost every Nintendo game or GameCube exclusive announced. Samurai N wasn't really up to date lately, now it is ! Along with this, I changed on the left of this page the games order, they are now listed in 3 groups:
- Games made or published by Nintendo.
- Games exclusive to GameCube.
- A selection of 3rd Party games.

I think it's much better like this. As a result, the express reviews disappeared, I couldn't keep up with it and it wasn't interesting anyway. Instead of trying to prepare an express review for every game released on GameCube (which was my ambition), now Samurai N will only talk about some important games, some games that I played or some games that deserve attention. In other words, all the Nintendo and GameCube exclusive games with only a very few 3rd party games which are worth watching.

Now Samurai N is even more GameCube oriented even if it was at some cost: I had to remove also the Game Boy Advance section. It wasn't a great loss though, it wasn't updated anymore for a very long time. Yet, the Game Boy Advance icon is still displayer on the top-right corner. The reason is that might try to add a small section for it later... someday... we'll see. Also, a few reviews/previews have been removed as well as a few sections, but nothing, I hope, which is going to be missed.

Like the second version which has finally never been completed, this new version is still under construction though there's nothing really big to be finished. Many release dates and information are missing but will be added in the coming days. Next, I will try to add more 3rd party games, more true reviews and maybe some new sections ! In the meanwhile, have a nice visit in Samurai Nintendo and hope you can find something interesting ! You can also go to our very very empty message board to say what you think of the site. See you around !

WARNING: Samurai N under renovation !
November 19, 2002
Because of massive changes in Samurai N's database, the site might be working strange in the coming days. The screenshots are likely to be desactivated for an unknown period of time. Sorry for the inconvenience !

Play all your Game Boy games on the TV screen with the GB Player !!
November 19, 2002
Nintendo Japan announced early this morning a new device to connect to the GameCube: the Game Boy Player. This flat peripheral connects directly under the GameCube and allows to play Game Boy Advance, as well as Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on your TV screen ! Like the Super Game Boy for Super Nintendo some years ago. A great piece of news indeed which is going to please a lot of players ! Learn more about the Game Boy Player in our hardware section:

» More about the Game Boy Player

5 exclusive GameCube games from Capcom !
November 14, 2002
Today, during a press conference, Capcom unveiled 5 new games only for GameCube ! We knew it was coming but it's still a strong surprise that it did happen. 5 tremendous games, including Resident Evil 4, have been introduced to the audience. Samurai N gathered all possible information about those games and you can directly check about them in the previews:

» Preview of Killer 7
» Preview of Product Number 03
» Preview of Resident Evil 4
» Preview of Viewtiful Joe

Capcom is really giving the Nintendo GameCube a wonderful Christmas present, all those games are planned for 2003 and all of them seem very promising. New horror plots with Resident Evil 4 (the game uses real-time 3D instead of pre-rendered background !), smashing fun and crazy design with Viewtiful Joe, super woman and super game with Product Number 03, gothic flying action in Dead Phoenix, and, maybe the most impressive of all in matter of design, the truly awesome Killer 7, a visually stunning game which brings to the video games the dark atmosphere of adult manga and comics.

(Dead Phoenix game file and link removed, the game is likely to be canceled)

Samurai N under renovation
November 13, 2002
No more updates for this month, I'm preparing some new things for the site. Come to check regularly !

November 2002 to January 2003 releases
November 7, 2002
Hi. Here are all the GameCube games announced by Nintendo Japan to be released for the 3 coming months. Of course, it's all about Japan, but don't run away ! You might find out new titles you've never heard before, or learn about a game you like.

NB: Planning updated, see above.

NBA Live 2003
November 4, 2002
The game has been released last month in USA and is coming this month in Europe, here's a preview with 9 pictures. It seems like a solid basketball game if you're looking for one to succeed to Nintendo's exclusive NBA Courtside 2002. As I didn't get a copy of the game or heard of it much, it is only previewed and not reviewed.

(Game file and link removed)

Help Animal Crossing / Animal Forest to come in Europe !
November 4, 2002
Animal Crossing (US), Animal Forest + (Japan), has been more or less announced for Europe but never officially confirmed. European gamers, as well as Australian gamers, can stand no longer this most irrrritating situation which deprives them of one of the most original and addictive games ever released. A petition has been set to show Nintendo that plenty of European and Australian players really want this game too. There are currently more than 3000 signatures, and so we woud like you to take a bit of time to add yours.

(Link removed: the petition is gone, the game has been released in Europe)

Recent GameCube news
November 4, 2002
- The Metroid connection is much better than the French Connection as you can connect your Game Boy Advance to your GameCube for 2 different puposes. In Metroid Fusion (GBA) you can thus unlock the suit Samus wears in Metroid Prime (NGC), and in this one, thanks to the GBA, you can unlock the original Metroid on NES, and play it with saves instead of passwords ! Great idea which makes even more a must buy of those 2 games.
- F-Zero GC was shown in video during an exhibition dedicated to racing games. Toshihiro Nagoshi, the head of Sega Amusement Vision (Super Monkey Ball) and well known columnist of Edge Magazine, was here to present the game. It looks neat, fast and well designed, though it's still too early to judge if it will be as good and fun as Nintendo's own development F-Zero (SNES) and F-Zero X (N64). In one of the pictures, we could see a funny reference in the backgound: a giant ROB, the robot from the NES golden age !
- During an investors conference in New York, Nintendo officially stated that the company is already thinking of the future consoles to succeed the GameCube and the Game Boy Advance. That doesn't mean they are going to come soon, don't worry ! It was just a way to end the foolish rumors announcing that Nintendo will go the same way as Sega and let the two billion-morons (i.e. Sony and Microsoft) fight each other.
- Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is coming from the rival systems to GameCube. The same for Yakuza: The Wreckless Mission, Hunter: The Reckoning and Enclave.
- Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II, the first online title for GameCube, has been released in USA along with the modems.
- Eternal Darkness and Time Splitters 2 are now out in Europe.
- Fans of daikaiju-eiga will be please to know that Godzilla is coming in Europe on November 15.

The Legend of Zelda: Batons of the Winds
November 4, 2002
Last month, the official title for the new Zelda on GameCube was revealed: "kaze no takuto", the batons of the wind(s). Like the sticks used by the condutor of an orchestra. Wind is definitely one of the main themes, and music could be one as well. Remember how important it was in Ocarina of Time (N64), Link's Awakening (GB) and even in the first game, The Legend of Zelda (NES) ? Link was then using his wistle to call a tornado which brought him in front of the palaces.

New fonts for the news !
November 4, 2002
I didn't really pay attention to the fonts so far. Big mistake. If the default font on your browser is Times New Roman, perhaps you dislike Samurai N's look. Someday I should put new fonts everywhere but in the meanwhile I just improved the design of the news. Hope it's a bit more pleasant to read.

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