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New banners, new poll and new section
October 22-24, 2002
I replaced some old banners by new ones for Sega games, I also added one for Mr. Driller. I changed the poll which's been here for several months and added a new section to store the past polls. I don't have much time for more updates lately, sorry.

December releases in Japan
October 7, 2002
You will definitely notice that Zelda is planned on a spooky friday 13 release. Here are the games:

December 5:
- Momotaro Electric Railway 11 (Hudson)
December 6:
- Batman Dark Tomorrow (Tecmo)
December 12:
- Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee (Atari)
- Disney Sports: American Football (Konami)
- Evolution Skateboarding (Konami)
December 13:
- The Legend of Zelda (Nintendo)
December 19:
- Disney Sports: Basketball (Konami)
- Sonic Mega Collection (Sega)
December 26:
- Top Gun: Ace of the Sky (Titus)
In December:
- Bomberman Jetters (Hudson)
- Choro Q (Takara)
- Blast revolution 2002 - Magnetic Tag Battle (Takara)

Samurai stabbed in the back !
October 4, 2002
Aaarhh, it hurts ! In the beginning of the week, I realized that my free host, Tripod, suddenly reduced the 50 Mb of space it gives to me and the other folks to 20 Mb. More than 50% less space without a notice (or maybe it was written in the mails I never read ?). Annnnyway, it's a pain both in my ass and in your arse, because it means Samurai N is in danger ! With 50 Mb and my new policy about pictures (500 width of maximum size, not more than 20 pics by page, express review...), I could have provided a good content for a few years. With 20 Mb, the site is going to be quickly overwhelmed because of the pictures. I don't know what to do now. Currently, I'm well above the 20 Mb but I can easily go under because it's mainly the fault of some useless pictures of the old version which are not even displayed and take tons of space. However, I might reach again the 20 Mb limit within the year or, assuredly next one. So far, Tripod hasn't done anything but warning me that I'm above the 20 Mb. Before updating again, I have to do some cleaning in the files so in the meanwhile, consider Samurai N injured and at rest. Good week end !

Mario Sunshine released today in Europe
October 4, 2002
Though it was available as soon as October 1 for some people in France, the official release day of Super Mario Sunshine is today. Some guys are going to have lots of fun this week end !

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