Sega Japan announces Grand Heat on GameCube !
May 23, 2002
You think that for a week all the video games news come from Los Angeles ? No, not entirely true. Sega Japan proved the contrary by adding a new title on its schedule: a racing game called "Grand Heat", planned to be released in fall this year in Japan. Quite a surprise, especially after Sega released its line-up for the second half of the year, there was no such a game in it !

Correction: It's actually the title for Acclaim's Burnout in Japan. Time for a: doh !

E3 2002: First pictures of new 1080 Snowboarding game
May 23, 2002
It's NST (WaveRace: Blue Storm) who develops the game which looks great, the clothing is very realistic !

E3 2002: New pictures of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
May 23, 2002
Time to become insane with new pictures of the excellent Silicon Knights' long awaited game. The improvements are noticeable.

E3 2002: First pictures of Wario World
May 23, 2002
Wario would like to be as famous as Mario it seems, he now has his own game on the Cube. How nasty.

E3 2002: New pictures of Zelda, Mario Sunshine, Metroid Prime and Mario Party 4
May 23, 2002
As I did before, I moved all the pictures which were available directly from this page to their previews.

Added Burnout review and updated reviews
May 22, 2002
Beside the E3, I took some time to add new versions of the following reviews: Animal Forest +, Doubutsu Bancho, WaveRace: Blue Storm, Luigi's Mansion, Turok Evolution, Doshin the Giant and, a new review, Burnout. It's mainly about pictures, I wait for readers' reviews as I can't buy games.

Pre-E3: Zelda and Mario details
May 21, 2002
"The elfin hero Link sports a brand-new look that perfectly reflects his emotions throughout The Legend of Zelda, as he embarks on an epic quest across land and sea to rescue his sister." thus Nintendo US sums up Link's new adventure. Today we learnt that this "across land and sea" is quite important as Link can sail on a small boat and is likely to extend his exploration field. Be ready for some nice gameplay !

As for Mario, CNN showed a short footage with our favorite plumber fighting a mud monster (looks like a piranha plant covered with mud actually). The mud splashed him and he could also used the water tank he carries in his back as a water-propeled jet-pack to fly for a short while. He was wandering in this charming coast town (better looking than in the video and pictures) and also in the harbor, which seems to have some nice platform element. We could see a boat in the background where it seems players can go !

More news about Zelda, Mario and all the other games tomorrow.

ADDED: Battle Houshin review + new Metroid Prime preview + commented pictures
May 21, 2002
I forgot to bring a copy of Samurai N's GBA section, so it'll be offline for a little bit more. On the other hand, I added the review of the excellent Koei's first game for GameCube: Battle Houshin and the express review of last year FIFA 2002: Road to World Cup. From now on, each picture will have a comment just below. Before it was "hidden" in the pop-up window of the ALT function, now it's visible for everybody. Don't expect anything very smart though... All the express reviews now have the comments, so do the previews of Super Mario Sunshine, Bomberman Generation and Metroid Prime.

IMPORTANT: New reviews not online yet
May 20, 2002
The new version is online but many things are not ready yet as I explained before. One of them is the new reviews, I changed a few things but it's not ready yet. Therefore, until tomorrow or later this week you can only check the old version of the reviews. However, most of the previews are in their new version.

Animal Crossing to have 2 new options
May 20, 2002
According to IGNCube who read it in Mercury News, Animal Forest + US version will be compatible with the E-Card reader (it's a Game Boy Advance's accessory that you can use on GameCube thanks to the connexion cable) and it will also be possible to download the NES games from Animal Crossing to your GBA ! You'll be able to play them as long as the console is not switched off.

Pre-E3 2002: A bit of the new Zelda's storyline
May 20, 2002
Nintendo USA gave a press release this morning with a sentence quickly describing the story of the new Zelda. Surprise: Link must save his sister ! Did anybody know Link has a sister ??? Also mentioned, link will have to go "across land and sea". Link traveling by boat ? That's new too !

Samurai Nintendo new version online !
May 20, 2002
Here it is, Samurai Nintendo changed and hopefully improved. I worked hard on this new version to be ready for the E3, unfortunately it's not completed yet. I would have needed one more week. But never mind, I can't let the E3 pass without Samurai N being here to cover the event.

So here are the changes:

Improved design: I realized only lately how gloomy was the design of the site without any Nintendo characters. I changed this by adding a few friends and other GameCube stars. I also changed a few other things that you probably won't notice.

News revamped: As you can see I changed the design for the news. It was such a mess before... now there are 3 different colors like the Pikmin: one for the games news, one for Samurai N news (like this one) and one for other news like all the hardware stuff, financial and company information, etc...

New section: It's called "EXPRESS", it's at the bottom of the left column and it gives a very quick glance (one picture + a few information + a fun rate) at some less important games than the ones reviewed or previewed. This will help me to focus on the good games.

New sections: I also added a section for the hardware and another one for the peripherals. Hope you'll like it. One is very detailed and the other one just collect the main information. The archived news section has also been improved. There are two new sections at the top of this page which haven't been opened yet: "Event photos" and "NintendoWeb Top 5", it might take a bit of time before it's ready.

A message board: I believe it's required now that I have more visitors. The design is plain ugly, but you'll see it's easy and works very fast. You don't need to register, I hope you'll enjoy !

New pictures rules: First, I decided some rules for the pictures. From now on, none of them will exceed 500 pixels length, bigger pictures are kind of useless and that will make me gain space. Secondly, there won't be more than 20 pictures by review or preview, this will allow faster loading times. For those who want more pictures you should easily find better sites to get more of them. Thirdly, there might be a few exceptions... especially with the previews. But it might be just for a while. For instance right now I provide some 640x480 pictures of Super Mario Sunshine. After the E3, I might resize or replace them.

More news ? Lastly, I'm going to try to write more news, maybe not everyday, but regularly enough to be up-to-date.