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1 review + 2 previews = 3 new games
February 2, 2002
They are lacking of text, but not of pictures: the previews of Batman Vengeance, Agent Under Fire and Primal Fury.
(These files have been removed along with the links)

The News are Good
February 2, 2002
Indeed ! Here are a few facts about the latest good things happening on the GameCube:

- The great Japanese developer Enix, author of some of some legendary RPG (Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, Illusion of Gaia / Time, Actraiser...), said through the voice of its chairman that it's making games on GameCube. If there are some exclusive RPG (DQ !!), it should strongly stimulate NGC sales in Japan.
- Latest Japanese release dates: NBA Courtside 2002 in the end of March; Battle Houshin, an action game by Koei and compatible GBA also on March; Rune in April and Bloody Roar Extreme on April 25.
- All Sega sports games (basket, baseball, hockey, soccer...) are planned to be released on GameCube.
- ISS 2 is exclusive to Nintendo GameCube (release date in Japan: mid-March).

GameCube in Europe: May 3, 2002
February 2, 2002
The GameCube will arrive across Europe in May. Here are all the data about the launch:

- 500.000 consoles will be available the first day throughout the continent, and it'll reach 1.000.000 units around the launch time.
- The following games will make it on the first day: Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo), WaveRace: Blue Storm (Nintendo), Star Wars Rogue Leader (Lucasarts), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Sega), Fifa 2002: Road to the World Cup (Electronic Arts), Super Monkey Ball (Sega), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (Activision), Burnout (Acclaim), Batman Vengeance (Ubi Soft) and maybe ISS 2 (Konami)... a total of 20 games.
- Super Smash Bros. Melee and NBA Courtside 2002 will come later on May 24, followed with Pikmin, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Starfox Adventures and Resident Evil.
- Different colors will be also released for both console (normal purple and black) and controllers (normal purple, black and transparent purple). At last, the GameCube is priced at 249€ while the average price of the games is 60€. 100 millions € will be spent on advertisement.

Be ready european friends, the so long awaited time has finally arrived.

:: GAMES : NEWS ARCHIVES . February 2002