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GameCube in Europe on May 3rd !
January 30, 2002
This time it's been officially announced, the GameCube will arrive in Europe in May. 500.000 consoles will be available the first day throughout the continent, and it will reach 1.000.000 units around the launch time. The following games will make it on the first day: Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo), WaveRace: Blue Storm (Nintendo), Star Wars Rogue Leader (Lucasarts), Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (Sega), Fifa 2002: Road to the World Cup (Electronic Arts), Super Monkey Ball (Sega), Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (Activision), Burnout (Acclaim) and Batman Vengeance (Ubi Soft)... a total of 20 games will be available on the first day.

Super Smash Bros. Melee and NBA Courtside 2002 will come later on May 24, followed with Pikmin, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Starfox Adventures and Resident Evil. Different colors will be also released for both console (normal purple and black) and controllers (normal purple, black and transparent purple). At last, the GameCube is priced at 249 € while the average price of the games is 60 euro;. 100 millions € will be spent on advertisement. Final comment: HURRRAAAAAH !!! ^O^ !!!

GameCube in Europe on April 6 ?
January 18, 2002
A French person reported to me he saw a poster in a department store indicating this date. The salesmen confirmed and said they got it from Nintendo France. I don't know the guy but he seemed honestly enthusiastic, he gave me the address and I hope to have more people cheking at that time. If you are living in France, the place is "la Fnac de la Défense", go to give a glance and send us an e-mail !

Turok Evolution
January 17, 2002
Acclaim begins the year energetically with the fifth game of the Turok saga (including Rage Wars) and the first one on next-gen systems. Yep, unfortunately Turok moved out of the circle of Nintendo's exclusive games, but at least it didn't leave Nintendo, unlike Shadowman. NGC mag actually got the first details about Turok Evolution in a 7 pages article, and Acclaim opened the site yesterday. We got the first pictures for you, including 8 not yet published screenshots ! Samurai N searched and found, enjoy.

Late Happy New Year !
January 17, 2002
Samurai Nintendo wishes you with much delay a Happy New Year 2002 ! If you don't have a GameCube yet (like me, poor European), buy one or keep on saving money to buy it. Many games will come this year: Miyamoto said 20-30 from the 1st and 2nd party, Nintendo USA stated 70 from all the editors. Among them, we can expect a lot of those wonders that only Nintendo and its partners can make: Resident Evil, Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet, Mario Sunshine, Zelda, Metroid, Eternal Darkness and some secret games which are likely to be unveiled at the next E3. Let's rejoice, the year should be amazing ! By the way, one of my good resolutions of the year for the site is... to update the Game Boy Advance section. Really needed indeed.

:: GAMES : NEWS ARCHIVES . January 2002